happy birthday!!!

so i know we're not really present people but i wanted an excuse to give you all this. and i guess i also wanted an excuse to write all this down and never have to say it out loud because i'm not so good with speaking words. and not that good with writing them down either. my talents are very limited.

one night you told me that you've never really felt special and i couldn't shake that thought. i didn't really get how you never felt that way when you're really special to me. WARNING i'm about to be really gross and gushy but you're my favorite person on this planet and every other planet in the whole universe. i spend a lot of time being scared but i'm not with you. you're special to me in every possible way. and i want you to feel that everyday, all the time.

i think you're this funny, smart, sweet and awesome person who i'm so unbelievably lucky to have in my life. this all sounds really lame but just know that i care about you more than most people. you make me really happy and i want to be able to do the same for you.

so happy birthday! you made my birthday really great, and actually you make every day great so i thought the least i could do is return the favor. and we can just pretend that it's actually august 21st okay?

so enjoy the gifts and cake and this day that's all about you!!!

love, anastasia

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